Thursday, October 6, 2011

Balangoda Aluthnuwara

Balangoda Aluthnuwra is a same diction for Uggal Aluthnuwra historical village. Location of the village is near to the town;   only 6 miles or 9 kms from Balangoda towards Badulla

According to a manuscript and to folk song and tales, Uggal Aluthnuwara and the dewalya's recorded history begins with 1382 A.D.(Gampola kindom inSri Lanka) The village recorded history is contained in "Lekam mitiya” and "Kandakumara siritha" It is the sub shrine dedicated to the god Katharagama in Sri Lanka. It still has the Raja maha vihare, ancient Dagoba, ancient Bo - tree, ancient jack tree Kataragama Devale, Pattini Devale, a moonstone, old stone pillars, a 600 year old wooden arch, a stone arch and ruins. Old gold jewelery too can be discovered here.Dewalaya is situated about  500 M  from the turn off point on Colombo-Badulla road, which is 
about 151km from Colombo towards Badulla.